Art-Pur promotes contemporary Art with the mission to present its astonishing diversity, thus mainly through its yearly international Art Fair taking place in Alsace. 


Art-Pur welcomes 40 European and Asian artists for the 3rd edition of its international Art Fair. We are pleased to invite you to visit us and experience this unique event. The fair will take place in the city center of Kaysersberg Vignoble on June the 25th-26th-27th 2021. 



This year Art-Pur moves ahead, increasing the immersive Art-Pur expe-rience, by adding live performance including: Painting, drawing, sculpting and live music. 


The 2019 Art-Pur event was a great success, we are extremely proud to have welcomed over 2000 visitors during the Art Fair. We wish to say Thank you to everyone who contributed to make this exhibition a magic moment.  Bravo!

les Artistes 2019
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The first international Art Fair organized by Art-Pur took place in 2018, the very year when the Art-Pur concept was born. 

Evgeniya Puzikova, Head of communication of Art-Pur asbl

«Art-Pur c’est un incroyable forum où se mélange artistes singuliers, grand public et amateurs d’art,  le tout dans une ambiance conviviale et décontractée »


Art-Pur is looking for plain, raw, confident, pure art

Eric Weibel, President et Art-curator of Art-Pur asbl

«Je ne veux pas mettre les artistes dans de petits tiroirs, ni les visiteurs dans des cases, je veux de l’Art pour tous, à la portée de tous, un art de qualité montré dans toute sa diversité »


The team is above all a family!


Jonas, member of Art-Pur asbl

     « Ce que j’aime avant tout chez Art-Pur c’est l’équipe et ce contact permanent entre artistes et visiteurs. On passe de bons moments et c’est sympa de voir que les gens se prennent au jeu ».